New centrifuges from CelesTech for the Pharmaceutical Industry provides a purer, drier product.

New CIC Inverting
Filter Centrifuges


Overhauled down to the last bolt.
Inverting Filters, Peelers, Baskets
Includes Two-Year Warranty



Bearing Overhauls, Filtercloths,
Electrical, Mechanical, Control Systems
and more

Process Optimization
& Centrifuge Services

CelesTech has been providing the pharmaceutical and chemical industries with reliable engineering, maintenance, repair, and centrifuge equipment since 2003.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the manufacturing and maintenance of centrifuge equipment with an emphasis on the inverting filter centrifuge.

Thank you for all your support

over the years with the B21 centrifuges and your extreme professionalism in working with the plant personnel.
Daniel W. Piers
Pit Manager, The Dow Chemical Company

Meticulous Engineering
& Construction

German Steel, Precision Machining & Over 100 Years of Experience

Reliable Installation, Service &
Experience in the USA

Working with Our Clients to Achieve 99% Uptime

Used Centrifuges

We Create Masterpieces from Used Centrifuges…
Completely Refurbished with New Unit Warranty

Control Systems Engineering

Improved Efficiency and Productivity with Optimized Control Systems for Centrifuges, Drum Lifters and Other Process Equipment

Case Study

A New Inverting Filter Centrifuge for the U. S Pharmaceutical Market Delivers Purer, Drier Product

Bearing Overhauls & Spare Parts

Improved Efficiency and Productivity with Optimized Control Systems

Case Study

Large chemical company has problems with oil leaks, filtercloth tears and more

An International Partnership

Guides off the Map to secret Destinations

Process Controls Systems

Program, design an implementation of systems to increase productivity

Spare Parts

Heinkel® Centrifuge
Nutsche Filter
Other Process Equipment

An Internation Partnership

Serving the Pharmaceitcial and Chemical Industries with superior customers service, innovation and quality worldwide