About Us


About Us

CelesTech is an engineering services company for the chemical and bio-pharmaceutical industries. CelesTech Inc  focuses on the sales, service and engineering of centrifuges and their operations in the field.  Our business is concentrated in North and South America. The company aspires to lead in education of centrifugation technologies and connectivity.

CelesTech is an exclusive distributor for Contecma G.mBH in North and South America.Contecma C.S. GmBH is a leading  manufacturer of premium centrifuges. Contecma C.S. GmbH is continually expanding its worldwide customer base with pharmaceutical and chemical customers in over 15 countries. The company is developing its centrifuge production capabilities while aligning itself to service customers remotely.

Our primary focus is on the process, mechanical and electrical systems for Heinkel® Inverting Filter Centrifuge Equipment. We also provide engineering services for other types of plant operations. Our business objectives are include:

  • Process Equipment
    • CelesTech Parts Expertise and Service for Heinkel® Centrifuges. Service and Parts Expertise
    • Service for Nutsche Filters
    • Plant and Process Optimization Services
  • Used Equipment
    • Refurbishment of your unit or one of ours
    • Locate used equipment for your plant
  • Asset Disposition
  • Asset Purchases: equipment or whole plants