New Centrifuges

New Centrifuges

We Like to Keep
Operations Happy…

It is difficult for operations to be happy when they are digging out heels on centrifuges and have to be all suited up. CelesTech offers an alternative – a totally enclosed centrifuge that eliminates the residual heel.

No digging out, no fumes, no suiting up.

New CIC Inverting Filter Centrifuges Offer

  • Automate Solids Discharge
  • No Residual Heel
  • Higher Yields – Less Labor
  • Totally Enclosed Operation
  • No Vibration
  • Most Effective Wash
  • Eliminate Re-Slurry Steps
  • Higher G Forces
  • Lower Moisture
  • Higher Dryer Productivity
  • Consistent Product
  • Validation