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A New Inverting Filter Centrifuge for the U.S. Pharmaceutical Market Delivers Purer, Drier Product

CelesTech Inc. is pleased to introduce to the United States market the CIC Inverting Filter Centrifuge machines with technology patented by Contecma-CS GmbH, Germany.

Operability and reliability for the new machine are expected to surpass that of existing Centrifuge designs. The new CIC machine parts are mostly interchangeable with existing Inverting Filter Centrifuge designs. They can also be fitted with a new Pressure Feeding System.

A significant improvement eliminates the air circulation pipe and cyclone/filtrate air separator. This helps ensure a dry solids housing, eliminate leakage and provides purer, drier product. Also, liquors should not affect the product to the extent they did in prior machines. In addition, the machine opens to a 120 degree angle and process parts are more accessible. There are many other mechanical improvements and a new state of the art Controls System design, with Safety PLC, validated and risk-assessed.

Pharmaceutical customers have already purchased machines and they are being installed and commissioned.

We are working towards 99% reliability with our customers of our equipment installed within their plants.

Contecma-CS was first involved in spare parts and technical support for HF machines, and then enlisting CelesTech for the US market where they have been providing parts and service since 2007.

Later, Contecma-CS and CelesTech worked with the used equipment available selling them at a discounted price from new machines. Contecma-CS could refinish them to a brand new looking design with new parts, overhauled and with a new unit warranty. This was all executed with experts from small towns in Germany that know fine machinery.

Contecma-CS knew where to improve Inverting Filter Centrifuge designs and consulted customers in the field on what the market would like to see in a future design. The previous HF patent holder and former president of Heinkel Industriezentrifugen GmbH, Hans Gerteis helped create the new CIC design.

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