Process Optimization Services



Celestech has many years of collective experience of creating and optimizing process systems for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our experienced engineers investigate upstream and downstream to evaluate and correct or improve process and plant operations.

We take a complete approach to your process and plant operations. Looking upstream and downstream of equipment we evaluate your process. Our experienced process engineers have helped our clients…

Our services include:

  • Process Engineering Services for Heinkel® Inverting Filter Centrifuges
  • Increasing Capacity
  • Fixing Filtration Problems
  • Solving Issues with Product Quality
  • Improving Filtercloth Efficiency and Lifespan
  • Improve Particle Size Distributions
  • Reduce Residual Moistures
  • Operator Training
  • Control System Upgrades
  • Bearing Overhauls
  • Spare Parts
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Troubleshooting

Process Engineering Services and Support for Other Processes

For all types of chemical or biopharmaceutical process, we have experienced personnel from top operating and equipment companies that can augment your staff. From secondary pharmaceutical to fermentation synthesis, we can provide personnel to support even the most complex process.