Used/Refurbished Centrifuges


Used Centrifuges

Celestech used machines are completely reconditioned to new condition.

Our team has more than 120 years of knowledge in centrifuge technologies. Used machines are completely dismantled down to the last bolt and reassembled.

  • Outdated parts and systems are upgraded to the latest technologies.
  • Our Second-hand machines have a New-machine guarantee
  • Machines may be modified with additional equipment and control systems to meet your specific needs.

Used centrifuges from Celestech are an attractive option to get a fully functional and factory tested centrifuge at a low cost. Celestetech offers support should there be any issues with the machine. We also have a stocked parts department for many centrifuges.

The way from old to a new machine


Old HEINKEL centrifuge with the delivery


Dismantling up to the last screw


All single parts are newly painted


Pickled of all product contacted parts


Overhaul the centrifuge bearing housing


And now we have a new machine